Our School Day

The school is organised into 12 classes, three classes in each Year.  All classes are of mixed ability and teaching assistants work across year groups with individuals and small groups alongside the class teacher.


Children work as a class, as an ability group, or individually according to the subject and type of activity. It is our aim to encourage every child to reach their full potential.












Any child who has not been collected will be asked to wait in the school reception until they are met.  We expect that this situation will only arise in an emergency; please let us know if you are unable to meet your child at 3.15pm for any reason.  If anyone other than a parent or regular carer is meeting your child please inform the School.



We expect pupils to arrive at school in good time for the morning and afternoon sessions.  If you arrive after registration, please report to the school office to be registered as late.


Collection during the school day

If for any reason you need to collect your child during teaching sessions, please come to the main reception. The office staff will collect your child from their class and you are required to sign them out.  So that this works well for everyone, please provide us with a note, in advance, that gives the time and reason you will be collecting your child.



Breakfast Club Children go straight to their class rooms


All children should be in class and gates  locked. Any late children to enter school via the office



DailyMile for Upper Key Stage Children 


Daily Mile for Lower Key Stage Children



Morning break – Upper Key Stage

 Morning break – Lower Key Stage


Lunch- Upper Key Stage 

Lunch- Lower Key Stage


 Afternoon School begins- Upper Key Stage

Afternoon School begins- Lower Key Stage



School day ends

School Times

7:45am – 8:50 am


8:40 am 

8.50 am



9:00 am


10:00 am 



10:40 am

 11:00 am


12:00 pm

12:15 pm






3:15 pm



Brookland Junior School

Elm Drive Cheshunt,

Waltham Cross






Tel: 01992 624487








School hours


Monday to Friday

8.40am - 3.20pm