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Parental Partnership

Brookland Junior School aims to work in a supportive partnership with all parents and carers to ensure the best possible opportunities for pupils. Parents are encouraged to contact the school with any concerns or issues. Progress updates and annual achievement reports ensuring parents are aware of their child's progress, and where additional support is needed the school works closely with families to ensure appropriate provision. The school communicates with Parents through various media such as email, newsletters and social media such as Twitter and Facebook



Parents are very welcome to help in school. If you would like to help please speak to one of the teaching staff.


Parents Handbook


We offer Family Support Service through a dedicated Family Support worker provided by Cheshunt Extended Services.  This service is available to all families on alternate Thursday mornings. Please contact our Inclusion Manager (Mrs Pettit) for more information.


We run family learning courses for parents e.g. Family First Aid, Cake decorating, etc.  Please let us know if you would like to take part or would like to suggest a new course.


Helping You to Help Your Child

The most important message to give your child is that learning is fun. Remember that we learn best when we are relaxed but a bit puzzled or challenged. The most successful children are those that know their family supports them and shows an interest in their day to day school life. Talk to your child about what they are doing at school and encourage them to find out things for themselves. Read books with your child and help them to choose books. Listen to your child and encourage them to ask questions. The Value of talking should not be underestimated. Children increase their vocabulary, confidence and debating skills through talk at home. Turn off the television and have a chat, share opinions and ideas!



Reading is a fun and enriching experience for many of us and there are strong links between love of reading and academic success. Our teachers work constantly to encourage enjoyment of reading. At home, remember that reading does not have to be from your child’s reading book. Books from home, leaflets, instructions for games, internet research and comics are all reading too – please note these in your child’s Home/School planner as we are always pleased to see children having a varied reading diet! Also, don’t forget that even older children love being read to. Make time for a bedtime story every night. Audio books are a good way of entertaining children in the car and books make great presents!


Children have daily guided reading sessions in school focusing on a different aspect of the skills of reading, inference, deduction, decoding, predicting and explain authorial intent.


and are expected to read at least 5 times a week at home with their parents/carers.



Our letter formation worksheet is available here



Our calculation policy explains how addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are taught in your child’s class.



When your child brings home work your interest will increase their motivation. It is important that you see the work is completed and returned to school.



If your child attends breakfast club, they must use the main entrance. The playground gates are opened at 8.40am and locked at 8:55am. Children arriving late should enter through the main entrance. Any adult arriving at school after 9am MUST sign in the visitors’ book and all visitors must report to the school office on arrival.


In addition..... we regularly hold Parent Workshops on a range of issues found to be important to parents. Look out on our newsletters for more information.






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