Inclusion and Equalities

Equalities Statement


Support for Your Child

Pupil welfare is a very important part of our care at Brookland Junior School. A happy, safe pupil will become a confident learner. From the first day in school, class teachers immediately begin building a bond with their pupils and monitor their academic and personal development. A member of the school leadership team leads each year group across the school and the teachers in each year group work closely to ensure the best possible provision for all pupils. Teachers are supported by the School Special Educational Needs Coordinator and the School Special Needs Higher Level Teaching Assistant, who together ensure all pupils are well looked after and happy. New for 2014/15, we are introducing a 'House Point' system, to encourage pupils to work with pupils from other year groups to promote cooperation and nurture a sense of community that is felt across the school. We work closely with parents to  foster a feeling of a school and parental partnership aimed at offering only the very best care and support. Parents are encouraged to contact members of staff with concerns either by telephone or by making an appointment to meet with the class teacher.


Support for learning

In order for pupils to achieve their best in school, we aim to ensure that they have exactly the right balance of independence and support.  Within lessons, teachers provide work matched to the needs of the child. Teaching assistants play an important whole class supporting role and all classes have teaching assistant support during Maths and Literacy.  Pupils should always be prepared to ask for help from staff. Key Teaching Assistants provide one to one academic mentoring support in each year group for targeted students.


Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Brookland Junior School is an inclusive school and our SEN/D department works in collaboration with the whole school community as well as outside agencies to offer support to students with SEND. All pupils, regardless of ability, background or ethnicity, have the right to participate in and enjoy all aspects of school life, and have the opportunity to meet their full potential. We have a team of Learning Support Assistants with training and experience of supporting students with a variety of needs such as Autism, Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties, and Specific Learning Difficulties.  In exceptional cases, this support may involve withdrawal from a lesson or part of a lesson.


Additional support is accessed after consideration of an individual pupil’s needs and takes account of the views of professionals, such as teachers or external advisors, as well as parents and the pupil themselves.

Behaviour management support includes the use of the School’s Behaviour Policy and support from the class teacher and Teaching Assistants. Sometimes an individual Behaviour Support Programme is needed which is, led by a senior teacher and involves parents and the pupil.  A few students may have a Report Card and report on a daily basis to a member of he Senior Leadership Team. For students at serious risk of exclusion, a referral may be made to one of Hertfordshire’s Educational Support Centres for advice or placement.


Strategies to support independence and transition include induction visits for all new Year 3 pupils (summer term of Year 2). We host a new Year 3 Parents’ Information Meeting (summer term of Year 2) and additional familiarisation visits for Year 2 pupils with SEN/D (summer term).  Student passports are used to help inform teachers of pupils needs.


Parent consultation meetings are organised in the Autumn and Spring terms to support the home/school partnership in securing the best possible outcomes for our pupils. Parents are signposted to external courses and support via the School Newsletter, various flyers and this website. Parents of students with a statement of special educational needs are invited to an annual review meeting


Access to specialist advice and external expertise is requested, if needed, from agencies such as Educational Psychology and Speech and Language. Team Around the Family meetings may be organised where involvement from a number of different agencies is required. For pupils with medical needs there are individual protocols for children with significant medical needs and allergies, along with access to and support from the NHS School Nurse.






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