Brookland Six

The shared values of the school community are summed up in the Brookland Six:


  • Readiness
  • Drive to Succeed
  • Collaboration
  • Pursuit of Challenge
  • Reflection
  • Thinking Skills


The Brookland Six underpins everything that we do and provides a secure basis for all we strive to accomplish. Our vision for the school is to strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to working in partnership with our pupils and their families to create an inspirational learning environment where everyone works together ensure our pupils achieve more than they ever believed possible. The Brookland Learning Journey provides our pupils with the skills they need to become independent, responsible learners, ready to face the future with confidence


The Brookland Six Focus: Reflection

We aim to help our pupils to be better at thinking about their learning so that they actually take more ownership of their own learning. This includes, checking that they are on track, being aware if things are not going as they should, thinking about how to get help, thinking about resources... all the things that we all do to manage our thinking most effectively.


In the self assessment, pupils need to make a judgement about their own achievement and how well they have learned, as well as deciding what they need to do next. They learn to do this through reflection and metacognitive development (learning to learn).


It can often be difficult for pupils to see the link between the comments, suggestions, or notes a teacher makes and improvement in their own learning. Therefore, just as important is that feedback focuses on “What’s next in my learning?” As well as careful monitoring to check that pupils are incorporating feedback that for improvement. This helps teachers ensure that their feedback is working. After all, if pupils can’t tell their teachers how they are using their feedback to improve their work, the feedback probably isn’t having its intended effect.



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